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Catalogue of Blue Horse Press Books and Chapbooks

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Everything is Distant Now Cover Option 1.jpg
Cover Option 1 - white lettering.jpg
Shuttleworth - Wolf Moon Cover option 1.
Front Cover - The Luckiest Man_MAR 5.jpg
Bouncy Bounce Front Cover - Oct 15 Updat
Covers Option 1 - Name at Bottom_UPDATE
Cover Opt  - Tree - JMH Typewriter Fonts
Covers - Reardon - option 1_UPDATE.jpg
L Thomas In a Field of Cotton UPDATE _FI
Ophelia on Acid Working Cover.jpg
Cover - The Hog Killing 25 July Update - IF REQUIRED.jpg
L Thomas Boiling it Down - front USE THI
Cover - The Prettiest Girl at the Dance_
Cover Option 1_A - If Needed.jpg
J.E. Robinson - Cover Option 4 - USE THIS.jpg
Baena - Cover VACANT ROOM 2 - USE THIS!.jpg
Dock Pilings - CalifFB - Cover Option 5
Photo for Dorsey Cover at 400 DPI.jpg
Mike James Covers_OPT 1.jpg
Cover - Night Surgery.jpg
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